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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This "traditional" Tuscan EVOO blend comes from the region's 3 main varieties of olives:  Frantoio (50%), Moraiolo (30%) and Leccino (approximately 20%).  Olive oil is at the heart of the Mediterranean diet and this exceptional blend is best used in salads, pasta, roasted vegetables or served with bread. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Tuscany

  • This 500ml bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscan is a blend of 3 Tuscan olives;
  • 100% organic extra virgin olive oil ("EVOO") is estate bottled in Tuscany and topped with nitrogen to avoid having the oil come in contact with the air;
  • This 2016 harvested EVOO has a shelf-life of no less than two years, but best consumed within 6 months after being opened;
  • EVOO is considered a more great substitute for butter and at the heart of the Mediterranean diet
  • Next time, rather than bring a bottle of wine to your host, why not try a bottle of Gourmet Living's Tuscan extra virgin olive oil?

For more information see our FAQ on Olive Oil.

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